Upcyclea.cloud is a portal of data designed to facilitate the constitution of circular ecosystems beneficial to the planet and future generations, preserving resources and health, while enabling profitable and ethical economic models.

Upcyclea.cloud is a library of thousands of Circular Passports that allows developers and architects to select the best safe and circular products and turn their buildings into “material banks”.


A circular passport is the identity card of a product that gives environmental information on its composition, the proportion of recycled/biosourced materials, its future uses, its carbon footprint and its environmental and social impacts. It is created by its manufacturer or Upcyclea (before transfer to its manufacturer).

Upcyclea.cloud is a portal to publish for free all your Needs regarding reuse or secondary raw materials.

Upcyclea.cloud is a portal to publish for free all your Transformations essential in the organization of local and profitable ecosystems for the reuse or upcycling of used productsoducts.

Associated with the software myUpcyclea, all the data published on upcyclea.cloud allow to interconnect resources and people within ecosystems capable of regenerating used products from buildings and regions.


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