Landlord & Real Estate

You want to optimize

the financial

and environmental

performances of

your real estate


Manage your real estate as
a “material bank”

that will generate revenues and positive impacts, rather than waste

Guarantee the environmental performance
of your buildings

Require your partners to characterize the products used in your buildings with circular passports.


Measure the circular signature of your buildings to better preserve resources and the health of your residents.

Access circular passports
screen deposit (need)
Declare your needs of materials to facilitate
the valorization of used resources

Request a free account to declare your need of material for reuse.


Your needs will be compared with the deposits managed on the myUpcyclea platforms. The ressource managers from myUpcyclea will do their best to meet your needs.

Declare your needs
Gestion écosystèmes
Manage your resources to make revenues instead of waste

Attract investment funds by reducing your carbon footprint and avoiding waste with myUpcyclea.


myUpcyclea uses AI to provide you ecosystems that recycle waste from renovations.

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Business with impacts

You demonstrate your positive impacts to the green funds

Positive impacts

Your building stock protects people’ health and the environment


The circular signature measures the environmental performance of your building stock


Your exemplarity gives you a significant advantage over your business competitors