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Testimonials from Industrials and Associations


“When others see rubbish, we see opportunity. It’s why we work with our customers to take back and turn their rubbish into valuable, reusable materials. And it’s why we’re working to maximize the recycled content in all our products and prioritize end-of-life recycling.”


“Gypsum, a natural material used to manufacture gypsum products, is a material healthy, natural and infinitely recyclable. Gypsum waste is non-hazardous waste but also not inert, and can not be buried without special precautions. Its recycling must therefore be favoured.”

“Levi’s® stores (and Outlets) have a recycling box where people can drop off any denim from any brand and give jeans a new life. Recycled jeans can take on many new functions, as materials for building insulation, a portion of which goes towards community-oriented projects,  such as libraries, hospitals and schools.”